Monday, February 18, 2008

Cat Visitors

When I moved in with Dan, I also moved in with L'il Bit, Dan's fat, furry friend reknowned for his love of being spanked on the staircase. L'il Bit loved the new digs from day one as the living room has windows down at cat level through which he can gaze at the birds in the bushes all day.

Two weeks after we moved in, Bruiser (at least that's what we call him) appeared at the back door (which also has glass all the way down to cat-eye level). One helluva fight ensued, through the glass of course, until L'il Bit eventually slunk away with a sore nose and a damaged ego.

Bruiser reappeared at random intervals. He'd just sit there at the door, sounding a continuous, low growl with his wide eyes fixated on L'il Bit. L'il Bit's tail would get really big, like a feather duster, and they'd occasionally have a go at it through the glass, but the fights seemed to happen less and less often.

For a little way Bruiser didn't come 'round. Then about a month ago, Screech appeared at the back door.

We named Screech because of her incredibly high-pitched yowl. It's actually quite endearing and cute. Screech continues to visit L'il Bit daily (and nightly) and I think L'il Bit ("His Turds" as I sometimes call him) actually has a bit of a crush on Screech. He doesn't get his feather duster tail, and almost acts a bit demure around her. Not that they don't have their occasional window fight; that's just what cats do.

We've had one other cat visitor, who we've named Pretty Girl. She didn't hang around long enough to get in a fight with L'il Bit, but she sure is pretty.

The result of all this cat visitation has been the destruction of most of our blinds. For some reason, fighting through the blinds is better than just the glass. One day we arrived home to total destruction of the horizontal blinds in the dining room:

Also, L'il Bit takes his agitation out on the plastic vertical blinds by chewing on them. Most of the hanging slats now have teeth holes in them and will need to be replaced before our move-out inspection.

But our cat visitors sure keep all of us entertained!

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Samantha said...

Bad cat! I have a photo of the mess my cats surprised me with when I got home once... a plant pulled out of its pot, with the soil neatly spread out into an even layer all over the living room. The blinds reminded me of that.