Monday, March 31, 2008

Baie Diesel

When Dan bought his diesel Touareg last February, the price of biodiesel was a mere 3bucks a gallon. It held steady for a while as gas prices skyrocketed, and Dan was smiling. But as biofuel popularity and the price of regular diesel have increased, so has the price of biodiesel. Check out the final tally he paid at the pump yesterday!

Monday, March 24, 2008

The American Way

The photo subject of this week's blog post was spotted at an intersection in Issaquah yesterday. The first thing that caught my eye about the RV was a Bichon Frise dog up on the dashboard, king of the castle. Next to it were numerous stuffed and porcelain Bichon Frises. But the kicker was that, even in these days of $3.70/gallon petrol and a climate in crisis, the RV towed not only a full-size pickup truck, but in the bed of the truck rode a large ATV! Revolting...

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Duck, Duck, Goose

Dan I and just got back from a fantastic weekend on San Juan Island. We are now officialy spoilt. We can no longer transfer to the island with the hordes (i.e. via ferry) or stay anywhere other than a 180 degree waterfront view property. Hugh very kindly flew us up on his private plane, which was a blast as I even got to fly it for a bit. He also provided us with a waterfront bedroom, our own 4x4 for exploring, fabulous wines (Ferarri-Carano Russian River 2005 Vintner Select Chardonnay) and self-caught wild salmon from Alaska. He also booked us on a 3-hour Orca spotting trip - the one downer of the weekend as we didn't see any Orcas and were freezing cold the whole time - however, we did see Steller's Sea Lions out swimming in the channel; they were pretty cool. Saw lots of waterfowl (Harlequin Ducks, 3 different kinds of Merganser, Buffleheads galore, Loons, Surf Scoters), Bald Eagles, and a Belted Kingfisher this weekend. Thanks Hugh!

Harlequin Ducks
Steller's Sea Lion
Canada Geese just after sunrise
View from Hugh's Cattle Point house at sunrise

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Scent of a Pine Tree

We just got back from a fabulous first day of nordic skiing. We started off with a lesson from a very warm guy, then hopped on the ski lift to access the upper trail system. Up there we found a whole different, stress free world of cross-country ski trails, quietude, pine trees, ravens, and some very friendly people.

We stopped for lunch in a warming hut at one of the big trail junctions; inside, a ski patrol volunteer and a trail monitor named Sherry tended a wood stove. They were very eager to share their world of nordic skiing with us and to advise us on good trails for beginners. When we left, two Gray Jays perched nearby on their skis to see if we had any parting gifts for them.
Two Gray Jays
Dan on the tracks

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Goose Stepping

Yesterday morning, Dan and I drove an hour north to see the Snow Geese in the Skagit valley. The geese winter here, and will return in early April to Wrangel Island in Siberia. We met up with some members of the Skagit Audubon Society at the Hayton-Fir Island Snow Goose Reserve, one of whom told us that this year's goose count, between the Skagit valley and lower British Columbia, is a whopping 103,000. We almost escaped without being hit by green goose poop as the flocks flew overhead - my trusty camera got the worst of it!