Saturday, October 4, 2008

Landscaping Complete!

Laurie and her crew from Cedarmist Gardens have completed phase one of our backyard landscaping project. She was an absolute pleasure to work with and we can't believe how quickly she got the job done, with no hassle whatsoever. But above all, she has great taste and did a fantastic job, really taking matters into her own hands and planning the garden (including not so green things like shed and garbage can placement) as if it were her own.

Here's the before and after of the back fence (notice our new Thuja hedge, and if you look closely, Kaffir Lilies):

Before and after of the utility side of the house:

Before and after of the tranquil spot behind the living room (eventually we'll pave this meandering path with flagstone, and fill in the beds with more plants like Kalmia):


Samantha said...

It looks great! And, there's less grass to mow ;-) I think it's good you took these photos--so when it's grown in a bit, you can see how far it's come.

Christine said...

Wow, Laurie did do an amazing job -- and presto, it's done just like magic. I know you'll enjoy getting familiar with the various plants and watching them grow.