Friday, March 6, 2009

Pictures from a Run

It was a beautiful Friday morning and I couldn't resist documenting my morning run with some snaps.

First - the college campus I run through

Then, the neighbourhood park and woods

The empty lot with a beautiful view

The marina
Beautiful boats

Funky art at the waterfront

Cosmo is a good subject and adds some scale

Cosmo and family

The waterfront park - Cosmo's favorite part of the run, where he gets to watch the waterfowl


Samantha said...

I remember a few of the sights from the walk we did at Christmas, except it looks a bit different in the light without snow :-)

I particularly like the one of Cosmo looking up at the pole--cool shadow of him on the ground.

Christine said...

You do have a beautiful route for your run; I don't remember the sculptures but they're cool.