Thursday, April 23, 2009

Oregon Covered Bridges

Yesterday we drove through the Hayden Bridge, just off the Alsea Highway near Corvallis. Oregon currently has 50 covered bridges, the largest collection in the West. From ODOT:

"The covered-bridge-building tradition in Oregon dates from the 1850’s. Out of necessity, pioneers built with the materials at hand. Douglas fir was abundant in western Oregon and well-suited to bridge construction. To increase their useful life, houses were constructed over the timber trusses to protect them from the damp western Oregon climate.

The heyday of covered bridge building in Oregon occurred between 1905 and 1925 when there were an estimated 450 covered bridges in the state. By 1977, this number had dwindled to 56."

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mom's 60th!!

My mom turns 60 today! Happy Birthday Mom! To celebrate, we drove down to Yachats with Cosmo, fetching Samantha and Jesse en route. After we arrived, we went for a very windy beach walk. We let Cosmo loose on the beach. He ran, and ran, and ran...

And he met a friendly dalmation that looked quite a lot like him...

Friday, April 17, 2009

Veggie Box

Last weekend I set up, on the sunny southern side of our house, one of two 4x4 vegetable garden kits I got from The planks are made of a trex-like material so they don't rot. I'm planning to put some copper stripping around the sides too, to keep the nasty SLUGS out! So far our modest box contains: 1 corn plant (back left), 1 mint plant (back right). Mint will be used for summertime Mojitos...yum! Still to go in: carrots, rhubarb, lettuce, squash...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Studio Dog

Cosmo seems to be a recurring subject on this blog of late, and he doesn't deserve all the fame, but I couldn't resist this picture of him in my townhouse that I'm fixing to sell (pardon the pun). As you can see, the carpet and pad has been torn out in the living room.